AWS Weekly Roundup: Claude 3.5 Sonnet in Amazon Bedrock, CodeCatalyst updates, SageMaker with MLflow, and more (June 24, 2024)

June 25, 2024

This week, I had the opportunity to try the new Anthropic Claude 3.5 Sonnet model in Amazon Bedrock just before it launched, and I was really impressed by its speed and accuracy!

It was also the week of AWS Summit JapanJAWS-UG, a Japanese AWS user group, held various sessions with AWS Heroes and Community Builders at the AWS Community Lounge, and many developers participated. Dr. Werner Vogels, a keynote speaker at the Japan Summit, had his first meeting with the Japanese community since 2020. Following the AWS Summit Japan, there was a lively event on Saturday where AWS community leaders from the Northeast Asia region (Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea) all gathered together in one place.

AWS Weekly Roundup: Claude 3.5 Sonnet in Amazon Bedrock, CodeCatalyst updates, SageMaker with MLflow, and more (June 24, 2024)

Last week’s launches
With many new capabilities, from recommendations on the size of your Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS) databases to new built-in transformations in AWS Glue, here’s what got my attention:

Amazon Bedrock – Now supports Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 Sonnet and compressed embeddings from Cohere Embed.

AWS CodeArtifactWith support for Rust packages with Cargo, developers can now store and access their Rust libraries (known as crates).

Amazon CodeCatalyst – Many updates from this unified software development service. You can now assign issues in CodeCatalyst to Amazon Q and direct it to work with source code hosted in GitHub Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud and ask Amazon Q to analyze issues and recommend granular tasks. These tasks can then be individually assigned to users or to Amazon Q itself. You can now also use Amazon Q to help pick the best blueprint for your needs. You can now securely store, publish, and share Maven, Python, and NuGet packages. You can also link an issue to other issues. This allows customers to link issues in CodeCatalyst as blocked by, duplicate of, related to, or blocks another issue. You can now configure a single CodeBuild webhook at organization or enterprise level to receive events from all repositories in your organizations, instead of creating webhooks for each individual repository. Finally, you can now add a default IAM role to an environment.

Amazon EC2 – C7g and R7g instances (powered by AWS Graviton3 processors) are now available in Europe (Milan), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), and South America (São Paulo) Regions. C7i-flex instances are now available in US East (Ohio) Region.

AWS Compute Optimizer – Now provides rightsizing recommendations for Amazon RDS MySQL, and RDS PostgreSQL. More info in this Cloud Financial Management blog post.

Amazon OpenSearch Service – With JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication and authorization, it’s now easier to integrate identity providers and isolate tenants in a multi-tenant application.

Amazon SageMaker – Now helps you manage machine learning (ML) experiments and the entire ML lifecycle with a fully managed MLflow capability.

AWS Glue – The serverless data integration service now offers 13 new built-in transforms: flag duplicates in column, format Phone Number, format case, fill with mode, flag duplicate rows, remove duplicates, month name, iIs even, cryptographic hash, decrypt, encrypt, int to IP, and IP to int.

Amazon MWAA – Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA) now supports custom domain names for the Airflow web server, allowing to use private web servers with load balancers, custom DNS entries, or proxies to point users to a user-friendly web address.

For a full list of AWS announcements, be sure to keep an eye on the What’s New at AWS page.

Other AWS news
Here are some additional projects, blog posts, and news items that you might find interesting:

AWS re:Inforce 2024 re:Cap – A summary of our annual, immersive, cloud-security learning event by my colleague Wojtek.

Three ways Amazon Q Developer agent for code transformation accelerates Java upgrades – This post offers interesting details on how Amazon Q Developer handles major version upgrades of popular frameworks, replacing deprecated API calls on your behalf, and explainability on code changes.

Five ways Amazon Q simplifies AWS CloudFormation development – For template code generation, querying CloudFormation resource requirements, explaining existing template code, understanding deployment options and issues, and querying CloudFormation documentation.

Improving air quality with generative AI – A nice solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to standardize air quality data, addressing the air quality data integration problem of low-cost sensors.

Deploy a Slack gateway for Amazon Bedrock – A solution bringing the power of generative AI directly into your Slack workspace.

An agent-based simulation of Amazon’s inbound supply chain – Simulating the entire US inbound supply chain, including the “first-mile” of distribution and tracking the movement of hundreds of millions of individual products through the network.

AWS CloudFormation Linter (cfn-lint) v1 – This upgrade is particularly significant because it converts from using the CloudFormation spec to using CloudFormation registry resource provider schemas.

A practical approach to using generative AI in the SDLC – Learn how an AI assistant like Amazon Q Developer helps my colleague Jenna figure out what to build and how to build it.

AWS open source news and updates – My colleague Ricardo writes about open source projects, tools, and events from the AWS Community. Check out Ricardo’s page for the latest updates.

Upcoming AWS events
Check your calendars and sign up for upcoming AWS events:

AWS Summits – Join free online and in-person events that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. This week, you can join the AWS Summit in Washington, DC, June 26–27. Learn here about future AWS Summit events happening in your area.

AWS Community Days – Join community-led conferences that feature technical discussions, workshops, and hands-on labs led by expert AWS users and industry leaders from around the world. This week there are AWS Community Days in Switzerland (June 27), Sri Lanka (June 27), and the Gen AI Edition in Ahmedabad, India (June 29).

Browse all upcoming AWS led in-person and virtual events and developer-focused events.

That’s all for this week. Check back next Monday for another Weekly Roundup!


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