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Newstar is a leading cloud technology company focused on managing the twin technology disruptors of mobile and cloud to achieve successful digital transformation for companies. We achieve competitive advantage in digital transformation by providing cloud computing services, managed cloud solutions, smart sourcing, and cloud innovation. Newstar prides itself on being your cloud solutions provider and delivering high ­value results through industry focused innovation and flexible, tailored solutions.

Cloud Transformation

Migrate to the Cloud. Develop and deploy Cloud Native applications. Build Apps and API’s. Go Digital.

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Managed Cloud Solutions

Manage Cloud applications. Achieve Cloud control. Gain features, not costs. Go Managed.

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Smart Talent Sourcing

Combine AI and human expertise. Gain a talent edge. Cherry pick talent. Go Smart.

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Cloud Innovation Academy

Build Talent. Accelerate Innovation. Maximize ROI. Go Cloud.

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May 22, 2023

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