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We can’t change the direction of the wind (yet), but can adjust our sails to always reach our destination.

Disrupt or Disrupted. No industry, no company and no professional can sidestep innovation and the fast approaching digital planet. Here at Newstar, we help companies adjust their "sails" to reach their destination by doing more, better, faster.

By 2019, more than 40% of IT initiatives will be focused on digital experiences and revenue streams that monetize enterprise business data.

If you are not thinking or strategizing a digital transformation initiative, then someone else is. The digital revolution is akin to the industrial revolution on steroids. In short, you snooze, you lose.

In this digital economy, you need a digital partner. We hope you invite us to adjust your "sails". Our success lies in helping you reach your destination.

Why Us

Newstar is a leading cloud solutions company focused on leveraging the twin technology disruptors of mobile and cloud to achieve successful digital transformation for our customers. Specializing in digital and cloud transformation, managed cloud solutions, smart sourcing, and cloud innovation, Newstar prides itself on delivering high ­value results through industry focused innovation and flexible customer tailored solutions.

Our Values

  • Work Ethic: Going The Extra Mile
  • Integrity: Doing the Right Thing
  • Service: Customer Satisfaction
  • Excellence: World Class Service

Why Our Customers Choose Us

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