8×8 X-Series MPO

The X Series is the communications hub for employees and customers. It has been designed based on extensive experience working with businesses. It combines voice, video conferencing, team messaging, contact center, analytics, services and support into a comprehensive communications solution.

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Reliable and clear communications have never been more critical than in today’s business environment. With so much choice, customers can afford to be selective about the companies with whom they engage. Businesses continue to escalate competition based on customer experience. Those organizations incorporating communications as a key component of delivering that experience are seeing outsized returns. This overview describes how the 8×8 X Series arms employees with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate and access the organization’s most valuable data and experts so they can optimize every moment of engagement. X2 The Knowledge Worker Plan, X4 The Supervisor / Administrator Plan, X6 The Voice-Focused Contact Center Associate Plan, X8 The Multichannel Contact Center Associate Plan