Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – Google Workspace

Backup for Google Workspace Acronis Backup for Google Workspace offers a comprehensive, agentless solution to secure data within Gmail, GDrive, Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Enhance your data protection and maintain seamless access even during downtime. Ready-to-use cloud storage options include Google, Microsoft and Acronis.

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Efficient cloud-to-cloud backup Acronis provides a cloud-to-cloud, agentless solution, requiring no additional hardware or software installations and has zero effect on the performance of endpoints. Reliable point-in-time recovery Acronis allows reliable point-in-time recovery of single items and entire Drive or Gmail data, providing protection against accidental deletion, malicious actions, and malware. Flexible storage options Users can leverage ready-to-use cloud storage options, including Google, Microsoft, and Acronis, providing versatile storage solutions that meet diverse needs. Quick recovery and full-text search With Acronis, users can rapidly recover needed items using full-text search of Google Workspace backups, minimizing downtime. Complete protection Acronis protects all Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendar, and Contacts. Blockchain-based verification Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud leverages blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of files in Drive backups, ensuring data integrity. Automatic protection of new users and items Acronis detects new Google Workspace users and Team Drives automatically and applies backup plans to all, safeguarding newly added data. Backup health monitoring and reporting Acronis provides detailed reports, notifications, and critical alerts on the health of backup operations, enabling proactive management of backup infrastructure.