AMP for Endpoints Cloud

The sooner threats are detected, the faster businesses can recover. Secure Endpoint offers advanced endpoint protection across control points, enabling your business to stay resilient.


Stop threats with simple, unified defense
Speed and efficacy matter when it comes to endpoint security. The Cisco Secure Endpoint solution enables customers to detect, respond, and recover from attacks, and enables customers to detect, respond, and recover from attacks while reducing remediation times by as much as 85 percent.
Integrated XDR capabilities
Detect, prioritize, and investigate threats faster while rapidly remediating attacks via native integration with an open and extensible XDR solution. This approach offers comprehensive visibility by collecting telemetry from the broad Cisco portfolio of security products and third-party tools – including the network, endpoints, email and cloud. always-on security operations.
Streamline investigations
Get the visibility and answers you need about your endpoints – quickly- with our Orbital Advanced search capabilities.
Simplify security investigations with advanced EDR and broad context on endpoint, web, email, and network data with XDR.
Block more Stop threats before compromise and reduce the attack surface with multifaceted prevention techniques, posture assessments, and risk-based vulnerability management.
Respond faster, completely
Reduce incident response time by as much as 97% with advanced EDR and built-in XDR capabilities from the Cisco XDR solution. Do it yourself, with a partner, or completely managed by Cisco, with flexible licensing options that are customized to your needs.
Benefits of a complete solution
Cisco Secure Endpoint offers cloud-delivered endpoint protection and advanced EDR across multi-domain control points. We stop threats and block malware then rapidly detect, contain, and remediate advanced threats that evade front-line defenses.
● Prevent: Identify and stop threats before compromise. Reduce the attack surface with multifaceted prevention techniques, risk-based vulnerability management, and posture assessments.
● Detect: Hunt for hidden threats, detect stealthy malware, perform advanced investigations with global threat intelligence from Talos, and run complex queries to gain unprecedented visibility into your endpoints.
● Respond: Reduce incident detection and response times with built-in Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities. XDR collects and correlates data across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks, enabling visibility and context into advanced threats.
● Maximize: Simplify your cybersecurity and improve your security operations’ effectiveness by letting Cisco security experts do the heavy lifting with Secure MDR for Endpoint, which offers dedicated teams of elite Cisco security experts in global Security Operations Centers (SOCs) as well as 24x7x365 protection.