Cisco Umbrella DNS Security Advantage

Every day, Cisco Umbrella powers a secure, reliable, and fast internet experience to hundreds of millions of global users. By enforcing security at the DNS layer, Umbrella blocks requests to malicious domains before a connection is even made, effectively stopping threats in their tracks.


Stop threats before they hit your network or endpoints
Most companies leave their DNS resolution up to their ISP. However, as more organizations adopt direct-to-internet connections that bypass VPNs, a DNS blind spot is created. With Umbrella DNS security, DNS requests precede the IP connection, enabling the DNS to log requested domains regardless of the port or protocol. Umbrella can then block requests to malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, and botnets before a connection is even established.

Enhanced protection for a remote workforce
Deploy Umbrella and gain a new layer of protection in mere minutes, reduce bandwidth costs and simplify security management. The Umbrella APIs enables other security solutions to leverage Umbrella’s capabilities such as identifying risky destinations and blocking them. This means you’ll benefit from extended mitigation everywhere, no matter where users are logging in.