CloudGuard Security

CloudGuard Security and Intelligence works in harmony with CloudGuard Posture Management, achieving a deeper layer of security and insight with intrusion detection, threat hunting, and remediation. Intelligence provides SecOps and SOC teams with the necessary context, correlating information from cloud inventory and configuration, account activity, network traffic logs and additional threat feeds, such as Check Point ThreatCloud, IP reputation and geo databases to portray one complete and accurate picture.


CloudGuard delivers advanced security intelligence, including cloud intrusion detection, network traffic visualization, and cloud security monitoring and analytics. Its object-mapping algorithms combine cloud inventory and configuration information with real-time data monitoring from a variety of sources from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud native log, packet capture appliance, and alert tools. The outcome is rich contextualized information, enhanced and simplified visualization, deep event correlation, querying, intrusion alerts and notifications of policy violation, enhancing Security Operation Centers (SOC) with relevant cloud security intelligence for faster and more efficient incident response.