Metallic Office 365 eDiscovery

eDiscovery for Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery offers advanced data management capabilities that make O365 eDiscovery and Endpoint eDiscovery nearly effortless. It provides a single interface to identify, categorize, and securely preserve data across both environments. This drastically accelerates and simplifies the eDiscovery process.

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Microsoft 365 is one of the most common office productivity solutions in the world. It contains critical files, emails, and messages, all of which are commonly relevant for litigation and regulatory purposes, making O365 eDiscovery a critical need for today’s organizations. eDiscovery compliance also extends to user laptops and desktops. With the rapid increase in remote work, endpoint device usage has skyrocketing – driving more data at the edge (and outside of corporate governed networks).
Organizations of all industries, sizes, and geographies can benefit from eDiscovery solutions. The most common use cases include:
Preparation for pending litigation
Responding to regulatory matters
Compliance with external, third-party investigations or audits
Conducting of internal investigations (such as policy enforcement or HR incidents)
Mergers and acquisitions