XQ – Zero Trust Data Protection For Email, Files, VPN

XQ treats all data as messages which can only be accessed by authorized software applications. Every message is individually encrypted to reduce the impact of data exfiltration attacks. XQ has been designed to support mobile and IoT devices transmitting sensitive data to clouds. XQ combines the best aspects of file encryption and VPNs into one solution.

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XQ has developed a new data protection concept that combines the best features of file encryption and VPNs to create a Zero-Trust Data Protection solution. XQ data is encrypted at the edge device (phone, PC, IoT Gateway) and then routed to one or more destinations. The encrypted data is wrapped in a meta-tag which serves as a pointer to the policies set by the data owner. The policies and keys for access and authorization are sent to a key cache. XQ backend cache only forwards keys and never touches the data nor knows anything about the edge devices except identity and authorization. All events are automatically logged and geo-tagged to meet compliance requirements as well as instantly detect data exfiltration attempts. To meet emerging privacy laws such as CCPA and GDPR XQ provides the option to regulated entities of running their own key cache on a cloud or physical server.