ZEROSPAM Cloud Email Security

ZEROSPAM Cloud Email Security The AI-driven email security solution, is a 100% cloud AI-driven email security solution. Deadly accurate and utterly simple, it has a proven catch-rate of 99.9% against all forms of email-borne threats and includes a unique spearphishing module that offers unmatched protection against CEO fraud.

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ZEROSPAM is an external e-mail security service. It allows you to filter your domain’s mailboxes blocking spam, phishing, viruses and malware. Administration panelHow the antispam service works The service receives the mail, filters it and if it is not considered safe, it deposits it in quarantine , otherwise it is delivered to your mail server and delivered to the recipient. Quarantine management takes place through an administration panel , with which you will have complete control of your mailboxes and will be able to delete or approve suspicious messages. Machine learning technology Our spam filters are based on an advanced technology of machine learning , they learn automatically and are able to effectively detect and block known attacks and as yet unknown threats , managing to eliminate up to 99.98% of junk mail, before it reaches the destination mailbox. How the service is activated The antispam service is simply activated editing MX records of your mail domain. Once the service has been requested, one of our qualified technicians will assist you in setting up the MX records correctly and will follow you by helping you to use the functions of the administration panel.